Alvarado Jewelry accepts any type of gold for pawn. We offer a 90 day loan with a low rate of 12% monthly interest.

How It Works:

  1. Bring in any type of gold jewelry or other gold item for a loan appraisal.
  2. Our Team Member will provide you with an amount available for a cash loan.
  3. If you accept the loan, we will complete the paperwork for a 90 day loan. You will need a driver’s license or other governments issued picture identification.  You will be asked to provide a current home address and phone number as well. 
  4. Within minutes, you will leave our location with your cash.
  5. Interest is charged at a low rate of 12% per month.
  6. Make payments over the 90 day period and we will return your item exactly as you brought it to us!

Contact us today to learn more about our Gold Pawn Services!